The Classic French Tumbler

Traditional Bistro glasses made in France

Duralex Picardie glasses
Classic Glass

8.5oz (25cl) approx.
88mm high x 86mm wide.

Hi-Ball Glass

12.5oz (36cl) approx.
123mm high x 88mm wide.

Cooler Glass

17oz (50cl) approx.
145mm high x 94mm wide.

Smaller Glass

7.5oz (22cl) approx.
83mm high x 80mm wide.

Small Glass

5.5oz (16cl) approx.
77mm high x 74mm wide.

The Picardie collection. A design classic since 1927.

Duralex tempered glassware is equally suitable for cold or hot drinks, conveniently stackable, impact and chip resistant, microwave-proof, and dishwasher-safe. The Picardie tumbler is available here in six sizes.

This glass is the original old-fashioned 'vintage' Picardie manufactured only by Duralex International France at La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin in the very heart of France.

Le Tom Ltd is pleased to have been able to supply the Picardie glass to Small Shed Flatbreads in Mill Valley, California, and The Kitchen in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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